2010 Master National Update
Group C

The 2010 AKC Master National was held in Corning, California October 10th through the 16th. Kitty made the long trec with her trainer/handler Pat McHale, who had already led her to two Master National passes in 2008 and 2009.

The week went very well considering Kitty only had to be handled on one mark during the entire six series. Her marking was on, her blinds were exceptional, and she managed to keep her butt on the ground at the line! Pat was very pleased with Kitty's performance during the whole event. With this being Kitty's third Qualifying Score at the Master National Event, she now is privilaged to bear the newly recognized AKC Master National Hunter title, MNH. In addition, Kitty has been inducted into the Master National Hall of Fame.

Cindi and I were not able to make the trip this year but thanks to a friend of ours we have these wonderful pictures of Kitty running the event. Kitty currently has four of the six Master passes needed to qualify to run the 2011 Master National which will be held in Maryland. If all goes well she'll get those two passes next spring and run the 2011 event next October.

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Miss Kitty (Kitty)

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