Problems with Diggin'?

Here's a possible solution to a very
common undesirable habit many Lab
owners would love to break

know this heading has caught the eyes of a lot of Lab owners. Labs are well known for digging (to China). I've heard stories of owners going in their back yard and not being able to find their Lab. Eventually, they discover their dog has managed to carve a crater about the size of a small mortar shell and is sittin' in it just smiling away at them. Bad dog!

eing the experienced Lab owner that I am, I have the world's most effective cure for the "Labrador China Syndrome". I'd love to say you can purchase the remedy for the low price of $19.95, but I'm not smart enough to figure out how to market this concept for that kind of money. I finally decided to give that idea up. Besides, this revolutionary discovery was actually revealed to me by a past employee of mine.

our pet is digging to enjoy the coolness and rich aroma the fresh earth provides. You might have seen sprays that are sold to stop this habit, but don't waste your money on them. The results are usually not good. My solution is simple, cost free, and very effective. And as long as you have your pet, you have a lifetime supply. And it works with all breeds as well.

ere's the secret cure: Immediately, when you notice an area where your pet is digging, gather some of his/her poop with a tool commonly known as a "Pooper Scooper". If you go to our Favorite Links page, you will find some pet suppliers that sell them. For Labs, you want a large enough scooper to handle a good volume. Place the poop in the area where the digging occurs and immediately, it will stop. However; your work is not quite finished. As your dog finds a new dig site (which it will), repeat this process. Fill the holes with dirt, then poop, more dirt, then more poop, until you have the crater filled. Eventually, your Lab will catch on and slow down on trying to find China in his back yard.

his is a good way to maintain your yard as well. Your turf will finally get a chance to recover and you don't have to be as concerned of anyone stepping in it. Please understand though, diseases and parasites are transmitted through feces. Pets should ALWAYS be current on their shots, worming, etc. If you use this sort of natural control at your household, be sure your pet and visiting pets are current on all prescribed veterinary schedules.

Pooper Scooper