HRCH UH Rebels Dazlin Texas Gunsmoke MH MNH
(Miss Kitty)

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We purchased Miss Kitty as a pup through Millercreek Kennels in the fall of 2002. She was whelped on September 22nd, 2002.

Both her parents pack some tremendous credentials. Dad is FC-AFC Rebel With A Cause, and mom was HRCH Cropper's Dazzling Texas Indy MH. Needless to say, we have some pretty big plans for Miss Kitty.

Doc told us at Kitty's first checkup that she is shy and timid, and to this day Doc was generally right. But Kitty is also an instigator. In fact we since have nicknamed her "The Demon-Dog". She's a pretty funny nut, and full of piss and vinegar (so to speak). She keeps our boy dogs on their toes and so far lives up to her Dad's namesake; Kitty is a one of a kind retriever.

At approximately 6-months of age, Kitty was sent to Pat McHale at Ridgewood Kennels outside of Plantersville, Texas, where she was trained to be an obedient gun dog. As much as she loves being home with us and her other partners in crime (Mason and Tater) she also seems to also be in her element at "Uncle Pat's". Kitty thrives in the sports of hunting and hunt tests and revisits Ridgewood Kennels often in preparation for hunt test seasons.

In 2003 and 2004 Cindi and I ran Kitty in AKC and HRC hunt tests and achieved her JH and SHR titles. In 2005 she got her HR title and earned 3 out of 4 passes toward an Upland Hunter title. We quickly realized Kitty was more dog than we could handle and turned her over to Pat from here on. Then in 2006 she earned her HRCH title and got the final pass for her UH title. She also ended the season one pass shy of an MH title. Then in the spring of 2007 Kitty earned her MH title.

Kitty qualified and ran the 2007 Master Nationals in Remington Virginia. She did not come home with a plate, but she and her handler put forth a great effort and we decided to try again in 2008.

The year 2008 proved to be a good year for Kitty as she qualified to run the '08 Master Nationals in Virginia, Minnesota. Pat McHale took her and three of his other Master Hunters and out of the four, three came home as 2008 Master National Qualifiers! Kitty did very well with only one handle on one mark throughout all six series.

Kitty's Qualifying score at the 2008 Master Nationals entitled her to two (out of two) Master Pass credits toward the five out of seven needed to qualify to run the 2009 Master Nationals. We entered her in a few local Master events and she got the three additional passes needed to qualify.

The 2009 Master Nationals were held October 23 thru November 1 in Manheim, TX and Kitty passed there as well becoming one of the 2009 Master National Qualifiers.

In October 2010 Kitty and her trainer, Pat McHale, traveled to Corning, California to run the 2010 Master National and they returned home with their third straight Master National Qualifying Score. This means Kitty has now earned the newly recognized AKC Master National Hunter title (MNH). In addition, Kitty has been inducted into the Master National Hall of Fame. Kitty is currently qualified to run the 2011 MN in Maryland.

As you may be able to tell from some of the photos below, Kitty has a very high drive. She has tremendous marking abilities, and perseverance that doesn't end until she finds the bird, regardless of obstacles or terrain. She's fun to handle and a joy to watch.

Kitty's hips are registered with the OFA as GOOD (OFA Cetificate). She is CNM - CLEAR, EIC - CLEAR, and her eyes are examined annually by CERF and diagnosed as NORMAL.

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Below are some great images of Miss Kitty as she grows and leaves fond memories in our lives. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view. This page will be updated often so visit it again soon.

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