HRCH UH Lone Star's Cream O'-da-Crop SH

Cindi and I whelped Mason on 12-29-01. He was one of the eleven very healthy pups from Addie's second litter. We originally planned to keep a female pup from this litter, but due to the limited number of females, we changed our minds. We let our clients have first pick, and Mason was the last pup left; we never understood why, other than the fact that all his littermates were as good as he was and one of them had to be last. His registered name was derived from his cream color and bloodline of Croppers, not to mention the irony that he was the last pick of the litter (??).

At 6-months of age, Mason was sent to Ridgewood Kennels outside of Plantersville, Texas, where he was trained to be an obedient gun dog. Of course, Mason has spent the last few years in and out of Ridgewood in preparation of each hunt test season.

At 9-½ months he smoothly earned his AKC Junior Hunter Title.

At 15-months he earned his UKC/HRC Started Hunting Retriever title in the spring of 2003.

Mason ran in AKC tests in the fall of 2003 and he ended the season needing 1 more pass for a Senior Hunter title. On February 29th, 2004 at the BCSRC Spring AKC hunt test he earned his Senior Hunter title at the age of 26-months (to the day!). He ran HRC hunt tests in the fall of 2004 and spring of 2005 and on April 9th, he earned his Hunting Retriever (Seasoned) title. He then ran Finished level tests and earned three passes, one pass short of an HRCH title. After a break from the summer heat, the fall hunt test season finally began and Mason achieved his Hunting Retriever Champion (HRCH) title in October of 2005. Fall once again set in and we switched our focus on the wile pheasants of South Dakota and the abundant waterfowl in the southern flyways of Texas. In the spring of 2006 Mason ran some AKC Master level tests and he earned one pass clean as a whistle. He's ran numerous Master tests since and has managed to screw up one way or another. That's fine, I'm in no hurry, I know he can do the work, and I'm learning a lot with him. We'll get there!! I did manage to get his final Upland pass needed for his UH title in November of '06!!

Mason is VERY athletic, loves retrieving and lets it show. He is extremely handsome and is well behaved in the house and handles kennel-life as well. He's great with kids and adults alike.

Mason goes just about everywhere with me. He is my best friend and hunting companion, and of course, my fishing buddy in between seasons. Revisit this page often for new photos as they are made available.

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Below are some great images of Mason as he grows and leaves fond memories in our lives. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view. This page will be updated often so visit it again soon.

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