HR UH Ma's Lil High Carb Tater Bob SH

Above photo by David Bruess.


Tater is the newest addition to our family (yes, we are nuts...5 dogs). His mother (Sandy) is actually a sister to our Kitty from a previous litter. To our big surprise, he was given to us by a dear friend as an appreciation gift for helping sell his littermates. Knowing the lineage of Sandy, we couldn't refuse. He was whelped on December 7th, 2003 by Jim Connor. He is a very handsome Lab, and turning out to be a pretty impressive dog. He is very responsive while being handled, and has tremendous drive. Another strength is his outstanding marking ability.

Tater is being trained to hunt and we ran him in both HRC/UKC and AKC hunt tests the fall of 2004. On October 10, 2004, at 10 months of age, Tater earned his HRC Started Hunting Retriever title while passing every series. We then ran him in two AKC tests and he finished the season with two Junior Hunter passes. He returned to the hunt test scene in early March 2005, and picked up two more straight passes, earning his Junior Hunter title at Sawdust Ranch. We ran him in Upland hunt tests in November of '05 and he passed three of four needed for a UH title. In Feb/March of '06 Tater ran three Seasoned tests and passed all three, thus earning his Hunting Retriever (HR) title. On October 1st he earned his AKC Senior Hunter (SH) title. In November of '06 Tater earned another upland pass, thus achieving his Upland Hunter (UH) title.

Tater's hips were evaluated by the OFA as EXCELLENT. Click here to view Tater's OFA Certificate. His eyes are examined and cleared annually by CERF.

Click here to see Tater's pedigree.

Below are some great images of Tater as he grows and leaves fond memories in our lives. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view. This page will be updated often so visit it again soon.

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